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Incident: Residential Wood Fireplace Fire
Damage: Roof, Kitchen, Smoke and Contents

Repairs: A fire started in the flue of the brick fireplace which required the entire roof to be replaced. Although a devastating loss McKenzie/Taylor Restoration was able to assist the owners during the repairs with moving forward on some already planned remodeling. They were able to enlarge and reconfigure their entire Kitchen. Add in a much needed third bedroom and additional bath.

Incident: Residential Garage Fire
Damage: Garage, Roof, and Heavy Smoke Damages

Repairs: A fire started in the garage and quickly spread throughout the roof structure requiring a complete new roof structure. The severity of the smoke damage required all interior drywall, flooring and insulation to be removed and replaced. This project required an additional level of communication as one of the sons was handling the repairs on behalf of his Father through McKenzie/Taylor Restoration from out of state. Working closely with the homeowner McKenzie/Taylor Restoration was able to facilitate some extensive remodeling by adding in a Master Bathroom, Master Walk in Closet and reconfiguring the laundry room.

Incident: Residential Wood Fireplace Fire
Damage: Roof, Heavy Smoke Damage and Hardwood Flooring

Repairs: A fire started in the flue of the fireplace causing severe damage to the roof framing above. All sheathing on the roof had to be replaced due to heat damage. Beautiful red fir flooring was damage beyond repair and had to be removed and replaced. The entire inside of the house had to be cleaned of smoke for a seal and paint. Working with McKenzie/Taylor Restoration the homeowners were able to do some long desired remodeling and change the flooring to very nice red oak hardwood, we added beautiful custom book cases and installed surrounding a new gas fire place insert.
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Incident: Residential Fish Tank Fire
Damage: Heavy Smoke Damage and Hardwood Flooring

Repairs: A fire started in a fish tank shroud and caused heavy smoke damage throughout the residence. All interior drywall, insulation, cabinets and flooring had to be removed and replaced with new products. Extensive cleaning to salvageable personal contents was required.

Incident: Fire that started in an exterior carport near the house.
Damage: The carport was a complete loss. It damaged the exterior wall next to the carport and part of the roof structure.

Repairs: The carport was completely rebuilt. The severity of the smoke damage required all of the windows, insulation, drywall, floor coverings and cabinetry to be replaced. Although a difficult and hard time for the customers, working close and with open communication McKenzie/Taylor Restoration was able to remodel much of the house with some upgrades to kitchen and bathroom.

Incident: Roof leak that caused damage to a cedar tongue and groove ceiling.
Damage: The roof leak stained and damaged approximately 500 square feet of the cedar ceiling.

Repairs: Although only a portion of the ceiling was damaged we replaced the whole ceiling to insure that there was no variation in materials. The repairs required a lot of preparation and great deal of caution working around all of the cabinetry with scaffolding to reach the near twenty foot tall vaulted ceiling.

Incident: Wind storm
Damage: Carport, and Utility Room

Repairs: During a violent wind storm a 10'X 20' sheet metal carport blew onto the top of the home causing damage to gas ventilation and fascia boards. McKenzie/Taylor Restoration first removed the carport and secured the home with tarps to prevent further damage. Not only did we do the repairs to the damaged area of the carport, roof, fascia boards, and utility room, we replaced the entire flat roofed area (400sf) with a membrane roof with a lifetime warranty.

Incident: Electrical Fire in Upstairs Bedroom
Damage: Three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining, living room, and hall. Damage entailed substantial smoke damage throughout the residence.

Repairs: We replaced all upstairs doors and windows, wiring, insulation drywall and floor coverings. Downstairs we replaced some doors and windows, all the floor coverings, and over 80% of the drywall, insulation, and wiring. This house that was built in 1912 was remodeled by the home owner months prior to the fire. There were still a few things the owner wanted to remodel but hadn't had time. Since McKenzie/Taylor Restoration was already onsite we worked closely with the home owner to complete all of his remodeling visions and relieve a lot of stress. We relocated the downstairs bathroom, enclosed a porch and took out a wall to make a much larger dining room to accommodate family gatherings.

Incident: Wind storm, 150 foot Cedar tree fell on the residence
Damage: The entire roof structure was damaged. Several doors and windows were damaged from the impact of the tree.

Repairs: As we began the repairs we discovered that many items throughout the home were out of date and no longer met current building codes. McKenzie/Taylor Restoration pulled all the necessary permits and brought all items out of code back to current standards. This list included framing, electrical, plumbing, and insulation.

Incident: Wind storm
Damage: Tree fell through the entire garage structure and stopped when it hit the house making several penetrations in the roof.

Repairs: Rebuild entire garage which was a separate building than the house. This included replacement of a section of concrete slab and stem wall. Engineering was required to bring the building to current building codes. Working closely with the homeowner McKenzie/Taylor was able to upgrade the garage with bonus trusses and drywall throughout. After the garage was complete and the owners were satisfied, we began the repairs to the home which included replacing a custom 4"X10" cedar beam that supported a cedar tongue and groove ceiling. We then replaced their rolled roofing with a TPO roof that had a superior warranty and life expectancy than what the house had to start with. We also replaced a 16' custom skylight and two other skylights on another roof lower than the main roof.
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